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Would your products  perform better if they were cooler?

textura de hielo

an autoadhesive tape that cools down passively

The cooler, the better...

More efficiency
Less consumption
Longer lifespan

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Dissitape provides up to 250W/m2 of passive heat dissipation and up to 20ºC cooler for surfaces 50ºC hotter than the ambient temperature.


Just remove the liner and apply it over the hot surface you want to cool down

Ready to join the Nano Revolution?

Take advantage of our proposal to test our technology in your product

Discovery Pack 

1.800 €

Discovery pack includes:

  • 4 hrs of thermal consultancy time with our team

  • A thermal simulation of your heat problem

  • Enough Dissitape for you to make a real test

  • A report with the results and next steps

Get your Discovery Pack!

We will reach out to you asap

Thanks for submitting!

Our team will contact you to help you find a passive cooling solution that maximizes the performance of your products

And do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific question


Andrés Cano de la Fuente

Customer Support

Product Specifications:

  • Height: <100 microns

  • Width: up to 20 cm

  • Length: up to 100 m

  • Temperature: up to 150 ºC

  • Autoadhesive: Yes

  • Solvent-free: Yes

  • Silicone free: Yes

  • Translucent: Yes

  • Refractive: Yes

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