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"The future of cooling

is in our hands"

In 2023 cooling systems consumed 20% of global electricity.

At Cooling Photonics, we are committed to reversing this issue.

Our team works tirelessly to provide solutions that reduce carbon footprint, transforming the landscape of cooling towards a more sustainable path.

With 700 million cooling units projected for 2030, greenhouse gas emissions are a cause for concern.

Cooling photonics was born in 2020, after extensive research by our scientific team, we shaped a revolutionary idea: using physics to cool in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our goal is to provide efficient solutions for all industries, committed to innovation and sustainability. Our solutions are designed to be efficient, long-lasting, and, above all, planet-friendly.

Our Story

At the heart of Cooling Photonics lies an unwavering conviction: the well-being of hour planet is as vital as that of our customers. Every innovation we develop carries our commitment to global sustainability.

We value the power of solutions that provide freshness and efficiency, reducing carbon footprint without compromising quality. United in the mission to preserve  world, we offer technologies that reflect care integrity, and respect for the balance of nature.​

What We Value

We emphasize our commitment to sustainable development. Our radiative cooling solutions require no energy input, reducing carbo foootprints and promoting eco-efficiency.

Sustainability & Efficiency


We showcase the longevity and reliability of our products. Designed to extend the lifespan of your equipment, our cooling technology ensures enduring performance under various conditions.

Durability and reliability


We highlight our innovative approach to temperature regulation. Our technology harnesses the principles of radiative cooling to provide simple yet effective thermal management.

Innovation and Simplicity


We emphasize the economic savings provided by our solutions. By eliminating the need for energy consumption, our products offer a financially savvy alternative to traditional cooling methods.



We share our vision of a greener planet. Our passive cooling solutions contribute to environmental protection by minimizing energy use and supporting sustainable practices.

Environmental Stewardship


We highlight the inherently adaptable versatility of our technology. Products designed to meet a wide range of applications, our passive cooling solutions easily adjust to various industrial needs, without compromising efficiency or effectiveness.

Adaptability and versatility


Meet The Team


Juliana Jaramillo

With a Ph.D. in Thermal Nanosciences and Master´s degree in Materials Science, Juliana leads the R&D team


Antonio Cuenca

Specialist in consulting and growth strategy. Head of strategic consulting, operational optimization, and digital transformation

Thermal Engineer

Industrial Engineer and Business Developer passionate about innovation and technological impact.

Andrés Cano

Business Development & Sales

Thermal Engineer

Marketing Specialist dedicated to optimizing market strategies and enhancing the customer experience through innovation.

Flora Araya


Thermal Engineer

With 30+ years in industrial sectors, leads product scaling at Cooling Photonics, overseeing manufacturing, logistics, quality, purchases, and subcontracting. 

Antonio Onteniente

Operation Manager

Thermal Engineer

PhD in Materials Science & Engineering. Specialist in nanofabrication for metasurfaces. Leads R&D, projects, quality control, and manufacturing scaling.

Alejandra Jacobo

Research Engineer

Thermal Engineer

Chemistry graduate specialized in electrical insulation fluids, with a Master's and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Chemistry. Experienced in project development and quality analysis.

Neffer Gómez

Scientific Researcher

Thermal Engineer

Graduated in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Specialized in Renewable Energies. Experience in sensors, experimental assemblies, and radiative cooling phenomena characterization.

Ares Lladós

Research Engineer

Thermal Engineer

Researcher specialized in Nanoimprint Lithography and Cooling Photonics. Expertise in design, fabrication, SEM, spectroscopy, and data analysis.

Kemal Yorulmaz

Scientific researcher

Thermal Engineer

Electronic Engineer with a Master's in Automatic Control and Robotics. Experienced in testing and validation, ensuring proper functionality.

Gür Saryal

Electronic Engineer


Javier Achiaga

Entrepreneur and Master in Business Administration. With over 20 years of professional experience, he has founded several startups. 


Javier Achiaga

Entrepreneur and Master in Business Administration. With over 20 years of professional experience, he has founded several startups. 

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