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Smart Battery Case 2: Innovation in Electromobility

In Cooling Photonics, we are always at the cutting edge of innovation and technological development. That's why we are excited to share with our community the launch of one of our collaborative projects: Smart Battery Case 2. This project is not just a step forward in the functionalization of materials for electromobility, but a true revolution in the way we understand and utilize energy in aeronautics and beyond.

A Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability.

On January 24, 2024, we marked the beginning of an ambitious project that seeks not only to study but also to demonstrate the technical viability of using functionalized materials applied to digitally advanced and technologically advanced battery cases. In collaboration with sector leaders such as Compoxi, Rotimpres, and CATUAV, and with the support of the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia and the Packaging Cluster, Smart Battery Case 2 focuses on the use of composite materials, light and resistant to the aeronautical environment for the manufacturing of battery enclosures.

Advancing Towards Electromobility.

This project represents the second phase, which focuses on improving the payload, autonomy, and efficiency of electric unmanned aerial systems (UAS), through the use of innovative materials. Our joint work aims to develop a lighter battery enclosure, resistant to impacts, with an integrated system of electronic devices and sensors for real-time management and control, and an advanced thermal study for optimized heat management.

A Sustainable and Competitive Future.

Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, Smart Battery Case 2 positions itself as a leading initiative to drive the digital and energy transition towards electromobility. This project not only seeks to create replicable knowledge in the mobility sector but also aims to promote cooperation among small and medium-sized enterprises to increase their competitiveness and contribute to the growth of the business fabric.

At Cooling Photonics, we are committed to being active agents in improving competitiveness and promoting a greener and more efficient future. Smart Battery Case 2 is a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and business cooperation.


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